Terms & Conditions

Term & Conditions

The Wet Paint Boutique is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under filing number 78401267. VAT number NL861377096B01. Email info@wetpaintboutique.nl. Website: www.wetpaintboutique.nl. The Wet Paint Boutique Office is registered at Poeldijkseweg 47, 2544 NS The Hague (only visits by appointment, no showroom)

Article 1 | General provisions

1.1 These terms apply to all offers, products and to all agreements (distance contracts) of the Wet Paint Boutique that extend to the sale of products. If there are any questions concerning these terms, please contact the Wet Paint Boutique at info@wetpaintboutique.nl

Article 2 | Products

2.1 Product specifications are mentioned as well as the price of the product including local VAT are mentioned with the Products offered on the Wet Paint Boutique website. Shipping costs are displayed before or after the realization of the agreement.

2.2 Products offered on the Wet Paint Boutique website contain an as accurately as possible and truthful description and/or image of the offered Product.

2.3 In case the descriptions and/or images as described in article 2.2 turn out differently in reality, the Wet Paint Boutique is not liable to compensation towards the Customer in any way. The Consumer at all times reserve their right on withdrawal as determined in article 6.1.

2.4 The Wet Paint Boutique provides the Customer with information about the expected delivery time of the Product; this term is only an indication.

2.5 Possible import duties due are always for account of the Customer.

Article 3 | Agreement and Delivery

3.1 Agreements come about after the Customer has accepted an offer or quotation issued by the Wet Paint Boutique and the Wet Paint Boutique agreed to this acceptation.

3.2 An agreement also comes about in case the Wet Paint Boutique proceeds with the delivery of Products to the Customer, after a Customer placed an order via the Wet Paint Boutique website.

3.3 The Wet Paint Boutique is always free to – without statement of reason – not agree upon an offer made by a Customer. In the event that the Customer already made payment to the Wet Paint Boutique, the Wet Paint Boutique will reimburse this amount to the Customer immediately after the refusal.

3.4 After the realization of an agreement, the Wet Paint Boutique will sent you by email the confirmation for acceptance of payment and order details. In case you need an invoice with VAT, please sent an email with your request to info@wetbpaintboutique.nl

3.5 The Wet Paint Boutique delivers the products with Post NL courier service

3.6 When by accident the Customer informed the Wet Paint Boutique with a false address, the Customer choose false delivery options or Customer is not at home for delivery with additional costs as a result, all extra costs will by charged to the Customer.

3.7 the Wet Paint Boutique can’t be hold responsible for delay in delivery time of our courier service.

Article 4 | Price & Payment

4.1 At the Wet Paint Boutique payments are accepted by the secured payment methods of Ideal, Apple Pay Creditcard; Mastercard & VISA.

4.2 Product specifications as well as the price of the Product including local (NL) VAT are mentioned on the Wet Paint Boutique website. Shipping costs are displayed before or during the realization of the agreement. If Import Duties apply to the shipping destination, the Wet Paint Boutique will not communicate the appropriate duties through the shipping cost of Third party transporter. Shipment is executed on the basis of DAP (Delivered At Place), therefor the customer is responsible for the correct payment of import duties. The Wet Paint Boutique is not liable for any quotations made by Third Party or Wet Paint Boutique upon agreement.

4.3 Payment needs to be settled during the realization of an Agreement.

4.4 Customer needs to report possible inaccuracies in the invoicing to Wet Paint Boutique immediately, after which Wet Paint Boutique will correct the amount.

4.5 Inaccuracies in the invoicing do not relieve the Customer from any payment obligations or any other obligations reported in these terms.

Article 5| Return of Products

5.1 After receipt of the ordered Product(s), Consumer has fourteen (14) days to – on grounds of their Right of withdrawal – return the ordered Product(s) to the Wet Paint Boutique, provided that they are unopened and undamaged, without statement of reasons.

5.2 After receipt of the Product, the Wet Paint Boutique will reimburse the invoice value of the Product to the Consumer, within thirty (30) days.

5.3 In case a Consumer uses their Right of withdrawal, the risk of the shipment and the shipping costs will be for account of the Consumer.

5.4 From the moment of receipt of the Product(s), Consumer needs to take all appropriate measures to prevent damage to the Product and/or packages.

5.5 Damaged products will never be taken back by the Wet Paint Boutique.

Article 6 | Guarantee

6.1 The Customer needs to check the delivered Products immediately after receipt. Possible defective Products need to be reported to the Wet Paint Boutique, within a term of seven 6(7) days at the latest.

6.2 In case the Wet Paint Boutique declares the complaints as justified, the Customer will be offered repair, a replacing Product or reimbursement of the invoice value of the Product.

6.3 The Customer has no right on Guarantee as described in this article in case conclusion is made that the defect to the Product is caused by the Customer.

Article 7 | Retention of title & Intellectual property

7.1 The Products delivered by Wet Paint Boutique will remain property of Wet Paint Boutique until the moment Customer has well-followed up on all the obligations from the agreement closed with Wet Paint Boutique. The intellectual property of the Products remain with the Wet Paint Boutique. Customers of Wet Paint Boutique are not allowed to duplicate or place the website or any part of it at someone’s disposal, without permission of the Wet Paint Boutique

Article 8 | Applicable law and litigations

8.1 Dutch law exclusively applies to all legal relations Wet Paint Boutique is a party in.

8.2 Any comments or tips? Please sent an email to info@wetpaintboutique.nl

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